Fabio Machinery  2016

Shelf and storage cases for production site

-Shelf for semi finished product

-Molds Shelves

-Transfer racks between stations

Steam vulcanization molds

-Electric vulcanizatıon molds

-Sheet metal forming, sheet metal drilling and bursting molds

-Cabin bellow molds

-Convoluted air spring molds

We creat design ,FMEA, MSA and SPC studies for each molds. The products are delivered to the manufacturer without any comprosing  mistakes

 FABIO has been using machinery since 20 years for its own production and would like to share its experience with others. We are working with highly experience engineers and R & D  edip,her

With its own automation and hydrolic system projects became FABIO one of the leaders to catch any needs in its industry. We work best stations and with know

With an engeering point of view FABIO is ambition to design and manufacture one of the most useful contruction units for production area.

FABIO keep up to date with the latest developments of moulding technology which manufactures all kind of molds wıth CNC machines.

According to the data analysis and simulation, design molds are produced and optimized by expert engineers.