Our company was founded in 2004 at NOSAB Dokumculer Sitesi by our board chairman Mr.Mustafa BACAKCI.

In 2012, Fabio Air Suspension Systems removed to its new plant on a 25.000 square meter area with 2 newly completed factories.

Our products

  • Roll Air Springs
  • Completed Air Springs with Metal Piston
  • Convoluted Air Springs
  • Cabin Air Springs
  • American type Air Springs
  • Japanese type Air Springs
  • Passenger car Air Springs
  • Industrial Products
  • Special Products
  • Machine, Pressing Machine and Mould Manufacturing

Production Capacity       : 1.500.000 Pcs/Year

Product Range                 : 1.500 Pcs

Pressing Machine Quantity: 42 pieces Latest Technology  Presses

Quality Policy

Fabio A.Ş., for 16949 compliance with quality standards, applies preventive methods and motivates all its staff to produce ‘correct item at first step’.

Each individual should be responsible for the quality of his own work and to do this, the necessary convenience will be provided to him. However, when it comes to quality, the responsibility of individual is not limited with his own work.

The most important criteria of our basic quality policy are safe and prompt delivery and good known with uniform quality.

Each stuff in the company, despite the definition of his duties, inform related person about the quality deviation and make the necessary changes toward the continuous improvement of the quality system.

Human Resources Policy

Our company; is aiming to be the largest integrated air springs company in Turkey by increasing its capacity, meets the expectations of its shareholders, cherishes its employees, is open to changes, is a leader in its area, uses its resources efficiently as a global company, is sensitive to the environment – occupational health and safety, complies with quality standards, improves its technology, gets strength form the creativity of 250 employees, is becoming a customer-focused company, uses its human resources in an efficient manner. Our Human Resources policies are; planning of human resources in our company to ensure the effective and efficient execution of work, selecting, recruiting, deploying for service units, improving, making plans for the identification and fulfillment of educational needs, applying it, determination of competence, performance management, carry out career planning works according to scientific methods.

Fabio Report

Production Capacity

1.500.000 pcs/year

Production Range

1.500 pcs

Pressing Machine Quantity 

42 pieces presses

Number of Employees


Company Shareholders

Mustafa Bacakcı

Board Chairman 

Mustafa Bacakcı

General Manager 

Mustafa Bacakcı

Product Guarantee Period 2 years (2.000.000 pcs/cycle)
Quality Conformity Certificate 16949,9001,14001,18001&27001


Domestic Market  5%
Machine Manufacturing  On-site
Mould Manufacturing  On-site
Metal Manufacturing On-site
Wire Manufacturing On-site
Chock Manufacturing  On-site
R&D Works

3 projects with TUBITAK support